Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get ready to read, a lot, but not today.

Haytham has gone out on the road again working for the flea market guy, so be prepared to read. A lot. Because when he's gone, my yarn is my only friend. Seriously.

First for today, VOTE in the CLF Crochet Awards. It's good karma, and um... stuff.

Second, I finished Haytham's little thong before he left. Sadly, it's still waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too big for him, even with a 30" waistband.

I've also sent the pattern to Laurie, Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front, in hopes of it appearing in book 2. I'm also working on a bag design for the third book. :)

Third, I'm addicted. To Dragon Cave. It's sad. But, if you want to be really nice and help my eggs/hatchlings grow, or just check out my dragons, there's a gadget over in the sidebar. Please?

Fourth, me and them pointy sticks still don't get along. But I'll make them submit, somehow.

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  1. :) Thanks for giving me a smile I love the thong , I wish that my hubby would wear one lol
    I will check out that dragon on your sidebar too. Maybe i will get one of my own :)


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