Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grrr, argh, and proof that I have no sense.

Okay, so first the grrr, argh part of things. You see, my birthday is coming up on Tuesday, and I want to treat myself to... something. The problem is, I can't decide on what to get. Unless it's a super yummy scrumptious yarn I absolutely cannot get at Spin a Yarn, yarn isn't going to cut it. (And since I work in trade for yarn there, really, what's the point? Besides, the only thing really tempting me at this point is the Coral Reef Sampler at KnitPicks.) I thought about a pattern book, but same problem, and I never seem to use my vastly growing collection anyhow. Tee shirts are cool, but I couldn't find one that really screamed "BUY ME!" anywhere. So, I'm at a loss as to what I want. I hate being so danged indecisive.

And why do I have no sense? Because I agreed to knit this:

Yes. Knitted candy underwear. Nancy asked me to knit this for her to give to a friend as a gag gift for a bridal shower. It didn't take a lot of time, but man... Let's put it this way. Nancy asked me what she owed me for knitting it, and I said "Never ask me to knit with candy again and we’re square." Red Laces are no substitute for good yarn. (If you'd like to make this thong for yourself for some unknown reason, you can find it here at

Friday, November 20, 2009


First, I just wanted to say thank you for the kind welcome backs and kudos on my hat. I've missed my little blog quite a bit, and it's good to be back in the saddle.
As for the yee-ikes... Last night I realized that I've been knitting wrong. I've been working through the back loop, and that explains so many things. It's why I couldn't visually tell the difference between a ssk and a k2tog increase, why my attempts at lace were failing, and why the pictures were confusing me. (I figured it out when I'd forgotten how to do a m1 increase and had to go back into my books to find the instructions, and when that looked funny I looked up the knit stitch instructions.) I feel like the world's biggest doofus. Ah, well. I'm frogging the Jaden sweater again anyhow, and I'll finish off my three pairs of GIP (gloves in progress) as started as I've come too far with them all to stop now.
One day I'll get it all figured out. :D
By the way, have you seen Regretsy yet? It's definitely NSFW, but one heck of a laugh. Trust me. ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hats off to ya.

I present my latest FO, the Campus Field Cap from the latest Interweave Crochet (and designed by the lovely Jennifer of Jaybird Designs).

I love love love it. (And I just noticed, any hat I make for myself comes from one of her designs. Odd, but neat.) It was fairly easy, although working BPsc when one is using black yarn is a whole new kind of torture. I contemplated making the crocheted buttons called for in the pattern, but in the end laziness won out and I just grabbed some out of the button box.
I'm also working on a new knitting pattern (what, me?), and finishing up my first pair of knitted socks. Still have much to do for the holidays, but hopefully I'll get most of it done. Cross your fingers on that one for me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Slave isn't dead.

Pretty close, but not quite. Between moving, moving back, life, work, and everything else, I've let my little blog slide quite a bit. But, dear little blog, Mommy is back and better than ever.
1. Moved to Greensboro. Things went to s***. Moved back.
2. Knitting skills are growing, hook skills still rock socks.
3. New job at Spin a Yarn, and I get paid in yarn/patterns/tools. You know you're jealous. ;)
4. New patterns coming soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

25 Things I Love About Crochet and more exciting stuffs

First, as started by the lovely Fearless Leader of the CLF, a list of twenty five things I love about the grand art of crochet:

1. First and foremost, stress relief. No matter what sort of insane stuff happens to me, I can crochet it all away.

2. Although I like knitting, it's limited in the directions it can go, and with crochet I can go up, down, sideways. I can stack single stitches onto each other, make so many different shapes, turn circles into squares and vice versa. (Not to mention when I'm done, I'm done. No tedious casting off business.)

3. Along the same lines as crochet compared to knitting, I like the fact that I can finish something twice as fast with half as many tools.

4. Crochet is something my mother and I can do together, and I love working on projects with her. I also love teaching her new things that I've learned.

5. I've made so many new friends since I took up the craft again, both here and online, and while most are knitters, we all share a passion for our craft.

6. I like calling myself a hooker without cracking a smile, then watching other people's reactions. ;)

7. I love that I can follow a pattern to make something, or that I can just make it up in my head as I go and still love what I come up with. (I can't do that with knitting at all.)

8. It's a bit superficial, but I love my pretty hook collection. So many colors!

9. I love that I can get really into a project, completely focus on it, and lose myself for hours.

10. I love how the hooks feel in my hand, so natural, almost like an extension of myself.

11. I love that even when I'm using my pointy sticks, my darling Haytham still calls it crocheting.

12. And yes, I love the tacky and wonderful things people associate with crochet, like gaudily colored granny squares and hippy clothes.

13. I love that I'm carrying on a family tradition of needlework of some kind. (Although Mom and I are the only hookers, her mother embroidered and quilted, while my Grannie Georgia made things with plastic canvas and yarn, and my dad's youngest sister cross stitches.0

14. If we ever have a baby, I'll be able to clothe it and give it toys that I've made with my own hands.

15. I like writing patterns, even if I'm not very good at it yet.

16. I love the look on the faces of my family when I give them whatever I've made for them.

17. If it hadn't been for crochet, no one in my family would've gotten a Christmas gift last year (I was flat broke, but luckily Mom had a bunch of RHSS and some hooks stashed away in a closet, so I was able to craft Christmas after all).

18. I love playing with yarn.

19. Every time I get out my hooks, I'm stealing a little time for myself, and I love being that self-indulgent.

20. I love crocheting at my LYS, mostly because I think it still dumbfounds them that while I've learned to knit, I still love my hooks best. ;) (You know it's true, Deborah.)

21. I love making myself beautiful things to wear and have, and know that no one else has something exactly like them.

22. I love having fun being silly and making freeform nonsense. I mean crocheted big chain bling? that's just awesome.

23. All the different kinds of crochet fascinate me. Crochet, broomstick lace, hairpin lace, thread... So many possibilities!

24. I love when my friends who are learning crochet ask *my* opinion of how they're doing. (A tad ego-centric, but I can't help feeling proud of my own skills in those moments.)

25. An aluminum hook, a skein of yarn, and I'm entertained for hours.

And now, the exciting stuff!
First, I'm so totally psyched about how well the Booga Bag turned out. Mom is actually using it, and i'm in love with the idea of felting now. (Luckily, I have a lot of yarn left over from her bag, and I'm thinking about making myself one, too.) It took me nearly a month to knit, but it was seriously worth it in the end.
Second, I've been commissioned by local musician Holden Bare to make hats, scarves, and whatever else I can think of for him to wear onstage at the Chetola Resort Headwaters Pub. I am so severely stoked over that! I finished my first creation for him this past Thursday.

Custom made one of a kind beanie, cotton-silk blend in a natural taupe colorway. (I know it looks pink, but that's due to the cell cam's craptastic quality.) He bought the yarn for me, which is awesome because the stuff was nearly $15 for a 98 yard ball. I've got another ball of fingering weight superwash merino he bought, which is going to be a hat by next week's gig, and I'm also making covered buttons for his vests. This is teh awesome, I'm tellin' ya.
Third, and most important of all, yesterday was Haytham's 28th birthday! I wish we could have spent it together, but I'm going to make up for that when he gets home. (Thanks to Holden, I'm getting to take him to Chetola for dinner and a show for free. Schweet!) He's coming home soon, and I can't wait!

Okay, enough for today. I'm getting to the point of random babble.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oooo, felty!

Mom's Booga Bag is FINALLY done.

More details, along with other awesome news, tomorrow night. ;)

Oh, and Michelle... Slytherin's got the early lead... ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another attempt to pay it forward, since the last one bombed...

The first 5 people to respond to this post will get something made by me.
This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully:

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. (No refunds... no exchanges!!!!)

2. What I create will be just for you, with love from me.

3. It'll be done this calendar year (2009).

4. I will not give you any clue what it's going to be. It will be something made in the real world and not something cyber. It may be weird or beautiful. I may even create something totally unbelievable and surprise you!! It will be handmade and may be any medium I choose. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!

5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange...or awesome...or lovely!

6. In return, all you need to do is post this text into a note/post of your own and make 5 things for the first 5 to respond to it.

7. Send your mailing address if you don't live close to me!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still got the hook skillz...

Finished these yesterday for my dad's wife for Mother's Day. Blue silk chenille yarn that was a swap gift, some Lion Brand Suede for the edging, and two buttons from my button box. Simple, quick, and not exactly my best work, but they'll do. :)

And yes, they were also a project for the HPKCHC Defense Against the Dark Arts class. One down, two to go. ;)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slither on!

Yes, I am letting my geek side show. I've joined the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group, and I'm far too excited about it. Don't ask me why.
I've even been sorted into Slytherin, so yay!
Which, by the way... Gryffindor's goin' down, Michelle. ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I finished these tonight as a birthday gift for my mom. (Her birthday was Friday, and while I had the first one done, I didn't get the second finished until tonight.)

She saw the glove I'd made for myself, and wanted a pair, too. So, I gave up on mine and made hers. :) (I'm weird like that. It's always more interesting for me to craft for someone else.) She loved the final results (as well as her card and dinner at her favorite restaurant last night), so I'd say her birthday was a success this year.

I'm starting to like these pointy sticks. Of course, I still love my hooks best, but I like not being tied to one kind of pattern. I've even started a new project, which is a purse to give Mom for Mother's Day. Let's hope I actually get it finished on time. Ha!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Since Tanya asked...

Here's a picture of the glove I got finished tonight.

It fits weird. Wrist and arm part feels good, thumb feels kind of tight but wearable, and around the hand it's too big. Still, I like it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy crap!

I actually knitted something. Crazy, huh? But, I started and finished a knit fingerless glove, with cables no less, and I've started the second one. Mind you, I still love my hooks best, but I may just be getting the hang of these sticks.

Speaking of getting the hang of things, I'm sort of getting the hang of spinning, too. The corn fiber I bought to spin up and ply with my merino isn't cooperating as nicely as the merino did, but I shall conquer it.

Oh, and I promised to show you my rockin' PVC niddy-noddy. Here it is.

And, here's the merino blend with a penny for size reference.

I don't know if I'm getting the hang of it, or if that was sheer luck. But, let's hope I can figure out how to make the corn behave as well. (And, man, it smells SO good! Like Karo light syrup or candy. Yummy!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's the merino/silk top, half spun up.

It's so squooshy! At this point, I'm actually about 75% done with it, which is good because I'm running out of room on the spindle. I just hope I can fit the last bits on there.

I also made myself a PVC pipe niddy-noddy. It's not much to look at, but you'll get to see it once I've got the merino single wrapped around it.

Today at the LYS I bought two ounces of corn fiber, which, if I can make it as long as the merino, will be the second ply of the yarn. I think they'll look faboo together! Also wound up with a batt of what I think is Rambouillet wool, but I'm not sure. Still, it's HUGE, and I'm hoping to spin that up into a plied worsted that I can dye and make a Booga Bag with. We'll see. :D

As for the first yarn, here it be!

And, since that picture doesn't show the color really well...

I decided just to leave it as a single, and dyed it with three packs of Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid. Like I said, it's useless, but it's mine and I love it. :D

And yes, I'll start playing with yarn again soonly. Right now, though, I'm having a little too much fun making it. :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spinning Out of Control

I finally, FINALLY, got my hands on a drop spindle. I bought someone's destashed learn to spin kit that included a bottom whorl spindle and I'd say about two ounces of unknown quality wool. It came Thursday, and I found it waiting for me when I got home from taking Haytham to the airport. It definitely took a little of the edge off of sending my Bubby on his way again, but the problem was I couldn't spin a lick with it.
At all.
I tried everything. I tried spinning the whole big mess of fiber that came with it. I tried pulling it apart. I even tied the fiber to the leader yarn and just ran it across my leg. Nothing worked.
So, I took a trip to Spin a Yarn yesterday, and begged Christy to help me figure the darned thing out. She showed me how to pre-draft and draft the fiber. She also suggested putting a hook in the top (it didn't have one) to help guide and hold the yarn rather than relying on a half-hitch and groove. (I also got to try a wheel, though VERY unsuccessfully, but hopefully if I get to go to Fiber Folks on Wednesday I'll get another chance and do a little better.)
When I got home, I tried to put a cup hook in the end of the spindle. The wood (pine, I think) split. Luckily, the split wasn't too long, so I grabbed some duct tape and hallie-rigged it.

Worked like a charm. Inspired, I spun as much as I could before my arms got tired.
I got it out again this morning, and spun some more of the wool.

I put it down long enough to go visit my dad, and take a nice drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I got home about 6, and I've been spinning ever since. End result?

Forty one yards of single, now stretching out and drying in my bathroom. (It took about half of the fiber to spin that much, so I'm going to spin the rest of it up to make a second single, then ply them after I dye them.) It's too thick in some places, and nearly laceweight in others...

But I don't care. I love it.
The plied yarn will be pretty much useless as it will be too short and will have too many variations in weight (though I may turn it into a swatch, just to be contrary). Doesn't matter to me, though. I made it, and I like it. And, once I get a little better, I've got two ounces of gorgeous turquoise merino/silk blend calling out to be spun. Ha!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Or maybe I'll dye after all...

I was reading the directions on Knitty, and it said you could brew the yarn in a ziplock bag like sun-tea. So, I fixed up a bath for the mystery yarn (which started out a light beige) before I left for work, and this is what I came home to.

Pretty good for a first try, I think. :) I used two packets of Flav-R-Aid in Kiwi Watermelon, and one packet of cherry. The yarn is unknown fiber, unknown amount, unknown weight, but it took dye like crazy. The color is losing intensity a little as it dries, and it took better in some spots than others, but I'm still happy with it.


No dyed yarn yet. Probably won't be until next weekend. Why? Haytham's coming home for the week on Monday. Hooray! That means not a lot will be happening here on Slave to the Hook as he'll be getting all of my attention. ;) Don't worry, I'll be back.
As of now, I'm off to check on my Howrse horses. Anyone else wanna play? (Seriously, please, someone sign up. I get cool stuff if you do. Pretty please?)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Many many many thanks to Tanya of Starry Eyed for the blog's butt-kickin' new header graphic. :D I think it absolutely rocks.
Speaking of rock, I bought the stuff today to work on learning to dye yarn with Kool Aid. Even got two skeins of wool yarn. Yes, wool. I've noticed I can play with wool yarn now and not wind up with the reaction... I'm also thinking part of it was how Jojoland is processed. But either way, I'm going to see what happens when I throw Kool Aid at Louet Riverstone (and the mystery skein I got out of the scrap basket). And of course I'll post pics of whatever I get out of it. :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sometimes, I think my yarn habit is taking over my life. I have yarn, hooks, knitting needles, pattern books, magazines, you name it, strewn all over our bedroom. My Ravelry queue has grown to seven pages worth of projects. I have more WIPs than household members (INCLUDING the animals). Have I completely and totally lost my mind?
Seriously and no joke, I need to:
1) STOP buying more yarn until I get the stuff I have used up.
2) STOP starting new projects until I finish ones already in progress.
3) START using the things I buy, and actually make buying them worthwhile.

As for the WIPs themselves, I'm not going to get anywhere close to finishing all the ones I set out for goals at the beginning of the month, but I did my best. I wish I could've gotten more done, and I'm not satisfied with my production, but maybe next month will be better.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oooooooo, pretty!

I'm not sure if this counts as striping or pooling, but I'm loving the spiral effect the yarn has going on so far. See?

I'm calling these my Strawberry Sundae Sox because the colors remind me of strawberry ice cream.
More tomorrow, maybe. ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rock my socks...

Thanks to an incredibly lucky find in a destash style swap box, I have indeed been bitten by the sock bug.
Two, count 'em two, full skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock, in Flamingo Stripe...

Just begged to be turned into my very first pair of foot coverings. How could I resist?
I just started them tonight, and already I'm loving them. The yarn is striping so nicely (but will probably end up pooling later...don't care though ;) ), and I'm really liking the simple pattern I found (which you can get to here). We'll see what happens, but so far so good. (And that may mean Haytham gets a pair of brick red socks made with the Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine I got a few days ago.)

I also finished another BAMCAL block tonight.

Sorry for the crudtastic picture, but that's the best I could manage tonight. It's a lot prettier in person, I swear. Done in RHSS Dark Orchid and Soft White (mostly because I'm trying to use up the last of the purple), and even though the flower is bulky as all get out, I like it. :)

Now, I'm going back to my SIP (socks in progress).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today is made of win. Literally. :D

First, my pattern for the Cabaret! Men's Thong (at least, I'm assuming this as I got an email from the Fearless Leader of the CLF containing a permission form, and I've been asked to redo the photos) is going to be a part of All Growed Up: Lusty Loops and Toys for Adults! (That would be CLF's book #2, if you're behind.) Color me excited! Seriously. :D

Second, turns out I won the handmade tag game posted by my friend Tanya, and now it's my turn to offer up a giveaway.
It is now your opportunity to win one of three handmade items made by the Slave to the Hook herself. But first here are the rules:
1. You have to be crafty and willing to make three handmade gifts.
2. You must have a blog that you post to regularly.
Here's how it works:
I will randomly select three people to receive a handmade gift from me. They then have to post this game on their blog offering a handmade item(s) of their own to three people and so on.
Now, I'm going to play a little differently. Everyone else I've seen do this has given away sets of things, and told what they were giving. Not me. Three different items, three different surprises with no one getting the same thing. And you won't know what you've won until I announce the winners. ;) Evil genius? Yes I am.
So, you want to play? To enter, simply leave a comment on this post at the earliest saying you would like to play. Please include your first name and a link to your blog. I will randomly choose three people and announce them. Deadline to post is March 30th. :D Good luck!

Now, back to my halter top, which is coming along nicely. (I started making it when the yarn choice wasn't working out for Mama Nariman's shawl, and I had to do something with the yarn. And for your own reference, Bernat Baby Sport is not a good substitute for Classic Elite Flash. But if someone does know of a good substitute, please let me know because I need about 600 yards of the stuff.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Art for art's sake...

Finished the Milkweed Project submission last night.

I can't capture it full length (about four feet, give or take) with the cell camera, but there are detail pictures on the Ravelry project page.

It seems kind of pitiful next to the other pieces she's already gotten (see them here), and someone else already did a piece with hairpin lace. Still, I like my little...whatever it is, and I hope the project director does, too. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ugh, must get motivated...

I'm falling behind on my crocheting for the month, mostly due to having to work so many hours as of late. But, I have two third shifts (tomorrow and Wednesday), and yes, I'm taking my yarn to work with me. It's either that or fall asleep. Hopefully, I'll be able to get something finished.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

BAMCAL on my mind...

Just finished the first of three blocks for March.

Done in RHSS in a light sage green color. Still have two more to go.

But, instead of jumping into another one tonight, I'm starting again on my design to submit to CLF's book 3. I won't tell you what it is, just know that it's pretty sweet. ;) (At least, I hope it will be. It looks sweet in my head.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Woot woot, et wot?

So, yay! The bolero is done! Just finished it about twenty minutes ago. I love it already.

I still need to get crackin' on those afghan blocks, and one shawl (my mom said she didn't really want one, and would just prefer lessons on making granny squares). Oh, plus I gotta finish Ashley's hair tie. Yeeikes! So much to do, so little time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boleros are my new addiction.

So, I've made quite a bit of progress on the Knot Ugly Shrug (which, in truth, is a bolero), and I'm in love with it so far. I'm finished with the back and back halves of both sleeves, the top and front of one sleeve, and one of the front bits. I've even started seaming it (even though, in my eyes, seaming after crocheting is like the hangover after the party).

Sorry for the crappy picture quality. Bad lighting+cell phone camera=yeck. But, hopefully I'll finish either tomorrow or Tuesday and have a good picture of it by Wednesday.

Successfully finishing my babydoll tank and almost finishing my bolero (which will be finished within the next two days, dagnabbit!) has given me the confidence to try more clothing items. Just as soon as I can get ahold of enough yarn, the Violet Beauregard skirt will be mine! (Seriously. ;) ) Just be on the lookout for more clothing pieces to be popping up around here.

Now, as we all know, I'm half-arsed trying to learn to use pointy sticks. But, if I can get my hands on more patterns like these, well... maybe I might be more inspired. (Unless someone can point me in the direction of similar crochet patterns, hint hint.) Yes, I'm an underwear addict. Can't get enough. ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it just me?

Have you ever found a yarn so awesome that you just had to buy a skein or two, and once you got it home... you have no clue what to do with it? It sits in your stash, admired, petted, but unused. No pattern you can find or design seems just right. And it drives you insane?

Or does this just happen to me?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today's adventure in crochet...

Led me to spend WAAYYYYYYYYYY too much time hanging out at Spin a Yarn (not like that's a bad thing ;) ), talking to Nancy and Deborah and watching them try to give Nique (the Angora bunny) a haircut...which, I'm sorry, was REALLY funny. While there, I picked up a skein of Tatamy Tweed to use to make a hat for my etsy shop (and yes, I have the designer's permission to make and sell up to a dozen of them, but I'm only planning on making one of each version in the pattern), and some more sunshiney Fantasy Naturale for Mom.
Came home, and put the latest square on the hook aside for a while so I get get started on my shrug. I decided to just use my dark purple RHSS for it because a) it's for me, so it doesn't have to be nice, and b) I already have a lot of it. I also did a little work on my freeform piece. Mine is pretty lame compared to everyone else's, but that's okay. (I'm particularly loving on the one by Tanya.) It's my work, and I love it. Ha!

Monday, March 2, 2009

NatCroMo is off to a decent start.

First, I finished that blasted popcorn hearts square.

I can't tell you how much I hated that pattern, and finished it only out of sheer determination. It ate up over half a skein of Red Heart Super Saver. Over 100 yards of yarn for one freakin' square. Yeegads. And if I never do another popcorn stitch it'll be too soon. But, I finished it, and it will be part of the bedspread o' love.
Second, I finished my Retro Rings Tam. Completely the opposite with this one. I loved the pattern, and I was absolutely right about using the 9mm hook with the Blue Sky Alpacas cotton. Came out perfectly, fit just right, and I absolutely love it. :D

And, just because I love it so much, I'll model it for you.

Now, off to start the first of three March squares and work on my freeform project for the IntNatCroMo party group. Yay! (Sometimes, one can accomplish much when one is sick in bed, yes no?)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy NatCroMo!

Yes, indeed, it is the first of March, and the beginning of National Crochet Month. Sweetness. I've got a ton of projects lined up to celebrate. (Hey, what else did you expect from me?) So... list time!
1. Start and finish 3 squares for my BAMCAL afghan. (This doesn't include the one I'm working on tonight, which is almost done, but was a part of February's patterns.)
2. Finish my submission for the Milkweed Project.
3. Retro Rings Tam (and this time not get so frustrated by the gauge problems I had last time I tried it).
4. Finish my design for CLF's book 3.
5. 2 Sweet Pea shawls from Stitch 'N' Bitch Crochet for my mom and Mama Nariman
6. Knot Ugly Shrug from Stitch 'N' Bitch Crochet for me
7. Some simple little things for the Etsy shop.
Man, my hooks will be flying this month, ha! I doubt I'll finish them all, but danged if I'm not going to give it a shot.
Now, off to finish the last 2.5 rows of the square, and maybe get started on that tam. (I think my Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton will work perfectly. :) )

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I know I usually post about crafts, but...

Two years ago today, I stood in front of a magistrate, shaking like a leaf as I said "I do", holding the hand of the man I knew I wanted to spend my life with. And I love him more today than I did then, and I now know that saying yes (even with the short time we'd known each other) was the best decision I ever made.

So, here's to happy anniversaries and bright futures. :)

(sorry for all of the pictures. today just makes me really happy. :) )

Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, I'll be. She can make things without yarn!

Today, I was wandering through Wal-Mart (shush, we have no craft store here), and they were having a sale on some of their jewelery making stuffs. So, I figured I'd grab some, and whip up something for the etsy shop.
So, behold the Strangelove Jewelery collection!

Blackballed Bracelet

Cold Black Heart Necklace

Balls and Chains Earrings

Sticks and Stones Earrings

They're all listed on my Etsy shop right now, and at a pretty reasonable price, I think. Hopefully someone will want them. (Shoot, I just wish someone would want anything in my shop. No sales at all since it opened. :( )

Today, I also noticed that Jennifer of Jaybird Designs is a follower of Slave to the Hook. You just don't know how stoked I am about that. I'm a huge fan of her designs (even if I haven't completed a finished object from one of her patterns quite yet), and I admire her skills. I'm flabbergastedly flattered. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lacy bits and tangled threads

So, frustrated for the moment at thread crochet, I've turned my attention to both broomstick and hairpin lace. Broomstick was relatively easy. Bonus that Spin a Yarn had a set of US35 pointy sticks on sale for four bucks. As I was checking out, Nancy asked me if I knew how to do hairpin lace. I shook my head and laughed, thinking it was some kind of complicated. She sends her son to get this weird u-shaped doohickey from a shelf and hands it to me. Turns out, someone had given the shop a whole bunch of hairpin lace looms, and she gave me one to see if I could figure it out. I got tangled up a couple of times, but I think I'm catching on. So, my work for the Milkweed Project is going to be a three foot long strip of hairpin lace, with the loops done together in a row or two of broomstick lace. I'm hoping it comes out all right. :D We'll see.
And, bless the LYS yet again. Got a gorgeous skein of Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton for six bucks, and a skein of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in sunshiney colors for my mom for three. I love their clearance section, honestly I do.
Anyway, wanna see my hairpin goodness?

At least, I think I'm doing it right. Heh.


Today, while getting my oil changed (in the car, sillies) and grocery shopping for work, I scampered by the yarn aisle at Wal-Mart (forgive me, Spin A Web, but thou hast not what I wanted this dayeth). I thought I'd be a smarty pants and grab some bedspread cotton and a steel hook, and then I'd be making beautiful lacy stuff in no time.
Dead wrong.
That dad-blamed teensy tiny hook is killing my hands. Using thread is killing my eyes. I think I may have found a worse enemy than them pointy sticks.
Still, I trudge onward. Mostly because my mother loves doilies and schnit, and I'm dying to make her one. (Even with her glasses on, she couldn't see well enough to make one out of this stuff.) I'll conquer it, or it'll kill me. We'll see.
I've also decided to buckle down and get to work on my piece for the Milkweed Project, even though I have no idea what I'm going to do, what yarn I'm going to use, or how I'm going to do it. I'll figure all of that out as we go along, I suppose.
Also, gotta finish a third square for bamcal this month. Started it tonight when I got annoyed to the point of no return with the thread. Just gotta finish it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get ready to read, a lot, but not today.

Haytham has gone out on the road again working for the flea market guy, so be prepared to read. A lot. Because when he's gone, my yarn is my only friend. Seriously.

First for today, VOTE in the CLF Crochet Awards. It's good karma, and um... stuff.

Second, I finished Haytham's little thong before he left. Sadly, it's still waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too big for him, even with a 30" waistband.

I've also sent the pattern to Laurie, Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front, in hopes of it appearing in book 2. I'm also working on a bag design for the third book. :)

Third, I'm addicted. To Dragon Cave. It's sad. But, if you want to be really nice and help my eggs/hatchlings grow, or just check out my dragons, there's a gadget over in the sidebar. Please?

Fourth, me and them pointy sticks still don't get along. But I'll make them submit, somehow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New looks and a free sort of pattern.

The blog got a makeover, and this is the happiest I've been with the look of the thing since I started it. I think this may be permanent. :)

And, for your viewing/crocheting pleasure, I give you...

The Six-Round Skull Cap
One skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick 'N' Quick super bulky yarn
N/P(10mm) hook, or whatever hook you need to work wish such big yarn
Smaller hook to weave/tuck in ends

Ch 5, join to form ring
Round 1- Ch 1, 10 sc in ring, join with sl st to first sc (10 sc)
Round 2- Ch 3, dc in same st as joining, 2 dc in each sc around, join with sl st to top of beg ch3 (20 dc)
Round 3- Ch 4, tr in same st as joining, tr in next dc, *2 tr in next dc, tr in next dc* Repeat from * to * around, join with sl st to top of beg ch4 (30 tr)
Round 4- Ch 4, tr in same st as joining, tr in next 2 tr, *2 tr in next tr, tr in next 2 tr* Repeat from * to * around, join with sl st to top of beg ch4 (40 tr)
Round 5 + 6- Ch 4, tr in next st and in each st around, join with sl st to top of beg ch4
Fasten off, weave/tuck in ends

And you end up with...

Like I said, simple enough a braindead monkey could've come up with it, but I'm posting it for folks who'd like a quick, simple hat pattern easy enough for someone who just picked up their first hook. Yay, go me. :D

Yay, more... um... stuff.

Since this past weekend was Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share this BAMCAL2009 filler block. I finished it today, and so far is my favorite of the four I've completed. It's done in my beloved Simply Soft Eco on my J hook.

This is a hat I finished for my friend/secret lover, Kitzen. Done in Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Thick 'N' Quick, and can you believe it's only six rounds big? Crazy stuff, that super bulky yarn. I luff it, though. I'll post the pattern, which is so simple a braindead monkey could've come up with it, in a seperate post.

Speaking of patterns, anyone know of a crocheted men's thong one? Haytham has dared me to crochet him some underwear, and I've decided to make him a banana hammock for our anniversary (which is Feb. 28th). HA! He'll love it, though. Heh. (I know, I'm a naughty girl.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Becoming even more poly-craftual.

First, a new block for my BAMCAL2009 afghan:

Done in my good ol' Red Heart Super Saver in Real Teal and Linen. As always, I had to upsize my hook, but my trusty J didn't let me down.

Second, I've decided to learn to knit. Well, re-learn. I actually could at one point in time, but those damned pointy sticks and I just didn't get along. They were slow, and felt clumsy to my eighteen-year-old hands. Ten years later, I've decided to give it another go, mostly because I get so tired of seeing these awesome projects on Ravelry that i want to make...just to learn they're knitted. Trust me, I'm not putting my beloved hooks away. Far from it. I just want a few more options of patterns to choose from. But I doubt I'll ever make those silly sticks move the way I can make my hooks dance.

Wish me luck.

Just another FO show off

Made this today hanging out at Spin a Yarn for my friend Stacey’s birthday. I think Deborah (she works at the shop) thinks I’m the world’s fastest crocheter or something. Ha ha! I actually made this while waiting for her to untangle the hot mess I’d made of one of my hanks of cotton yarn. (Her knot skills are worthy of free pizza.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Of hats and selling patterns and joy!

First, last night I finished a hat for Haytham.

Made it from Caron Simply Soft Eco, and the blue stripes are Plymouth Fantasy Naturale cotton. He seems to be happy with it. See? :)

Second, I have officially started designing and selling patterns both on Ravelry and Etsy. First one listed is for this pretty little washcloth doohickey.

I'm all excited. If you'd like to get it on Ravelry, you can click the button below:

On Etsy, you can click on the image in the widget to your left. (Come on, it's only a measly buck. Please?)

That's all for today. :D