Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I finished these tonight as a birthday gift for my mom. (Her birthday was Friday, and while I had the first one done, I didn't get the second finished until tonight.)

She saw the glove I'd made for myself, and wanted a pair, too. So, I gave up on mine and made hers. :) (I'm weird like that. It's always more interesting for me to craft for someone else.) She loved the final results (as well as her card and dinner at her favorite restaurant last night), so I'd say her birthday was a success this year.

I'm starting to like these pointy sticks. Of course, I still love my hooks best, but I like not being tied to one kind of pattern. I've even started a new project, which is a purse to give Mom for Mother's Day. Let's hope I actually get it finished on time. Ha!

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  1. nice gift Hallie....
    do giv my Belated B'day wishes to ur mom :)


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