Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's the merino/silk top, half spun up.

It's so squooshy! At this point, I'm actually about 75% done with it, which is good because I'm running out of room on the spindle. I just hope I can fit the last bits on there.

I also made myself a PVC pipe niddy-noddy. It's not much to look at, but you'll get to see it once I've got the merino single wrapped around it.

Today at the LYS I bought two ounces of corn fiber, which, if I can make it as long as the merino, will be the second ply of the yarn. I think they'll look faboo together! Also wound up with a batt of what I think is Rambouillet wool, but I'm not sure. Still, it's HUGE, and I'm hoping to spin that up into a plied worsted that I can dye and make a Booga Bag with. We'll see. :D

As for the first yarn, here it be!

And, since that picture doesn't show the color really well...

I decided just to leave it as a single, and dyed it with three packs of Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid. Like I said, it's useless, but it's mine and I love it. :D

And yes, I'll start playing with yarn again soonly. Right now, though, I'm having a little too much fun making it. :D

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  1. Wow! That silk blend looks so even! How the heck did you do that!?! I've spun I don't know how many ounces, and mine is still lumpy bumpy. It's getting better, though!


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