Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sweetie Pie out, Empire in

So, the Sweetie Pie cami was turning out to be too heavy, too big, and the piece was scalloping in a way I didn't like. Therefore, I frogged the whole darn thing. Ripped it completely apart. I plan on trying again later on with lighter yarn and a smaller hook.

Luckily, Lion Brand has a pattern for a simple tank-style top that I can easily modify into my own style. It's basically just a bunch of half double crochets, which is making for a nice solid band (to hide the essentials, if you catch my drift), and which can totally be replaced by other stitches in the bodice and straps. Sweetness. If you'd like to take a crack at the pattern, it's here, but you'll have to sign up to use the site. (It's free, relatively spamless, and tons of free patterns.)

On another sweet and crochet related note, I've gotten my mother back into the craft. But, she only knows how to make granny squares and ripple stitch stuff, so I've been teaching her what I know. She's attempting to make the Cream Lace Afghan in this month's Crochet! magazine, and so far she's doing really well with the concepts of shells and v-stitches. (It's kind of funny looking in camo yarn when you're looking at the cream one in the magazine, but hey, she likes the colors and it's her piece and it's looking really good. I like it myself. :) )

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